Tekken 3 for Android free download


Tekken 3 is most played and downloaded fighting game. in start people played it on Playstation. then some developers made some emulators for pc to play playsation games on pc, and now finaly android deveolpers made ps2 emulater for android mobiles, and now its possible to play tekken 3 on android devices of any types no difficult requirements, just follow the instruction and enjoy tekken 3 on your handy mobiles.

Tekken 3

How To Install

1. Install FPSE apk (ps2 emulator for android)  

2. open FPSE it will ask you for bios file give the path of SCPH1001.BIN

3. then select the tekken3.iso where you save it. play and enjoy tekken 3 on your android mobile its a Tekken3_for_androidandroid.avdeveloper.com_.zip file ,open it and you will find two file FPSE.apk  and tekken3.iso      

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